Our History

Jun 1980
Founding of Japan Systems Create Co., Ltd.
May 1981
Opening of the Osaka sales office (currently the Osaka branch office).
May 1984
Diamond Computer Service Co., Ltd (currently Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS Co., Ltd.) acquires capital in Japan Systems Create Co., Ltd.
Nov 1985
Established JSP Co., Ltd (merged with Planet Systems Service Co., Ltd in Jan 2008) to respond to diversification of recruitment.
Oct 1988
Established JSO Co., Ltd. to fully support system operation management tasks.
Apr 2001
Merger with JSO Corporation.
Apr 2003
Merger with Yan Corporation.
Mar 2005
Acquisition of Privacy Mark.
Apr 2005
Changed company name to JSC Co,. Ltd.
Oct 2006
Listed on the JASDAQ stock exchange.
July 2007
Acquired Planet Systems Service Co., Ltd as a subsidiary which mainly engages in the temporary staffing business of IT engineers.
Jan 2008
Merger of Subsidiary company Planet System Services (surviving company) with JSP.
Apr 2010
Merged with eWave Inc and company name changed to Minori Solutions Co.,Ltd.
Jan 2011
Merger with Planet Systems Services Co., Ltd.
Jun 2011
Re-location of the head office to the Shinjuku NS Building.
Jun 2015
Promoted to the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Dec 2015
Promoted to the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

History of former company eWave Inc.

Aug 1988
Founding of Flight corporation.
Jun 1989
Tokyo office established (Prior office Shinagawa Development Centre).
Oct 1989
Matsumoto office established.
Apr 2000
Merger with TIS Software Engineering Co., Ltd and Company name changed to eWave Inc.
Jul 2000
Nagoya Office established.
Apr 2001
Fukuoka Office established.
Oct 2001
Merged with TIS Tohoku Software Engineering Co., Ltd and opened the Sendai Office.
Feb 2004
Listed on Japan’s New Market “Hercules” in the Osaka Securities Exchange.
Mar 2005
Total Systems Solution Co., Ltd became a subsidiary company through stock acquisition.
July 2005
Data Centre established in Matsumoto.
Aug 2005
Acquisition of Information Security Management International Standard “BS 7799” and Information Security Management System “ISMS” certification.
Oct 2005
Acquired part of the sales function from Total Information Agency Co., Ltd.
Jan 2006
Sumisho Information Systems Co., Ltd acquires capital in eWave Inc.
Apr 2006
Acquired shares of Meitetsu Systems Development Co., Ltd, making it a subsidiary.
Jul 2008
Merged with Total Systems Solution Co., Ltd.
May 2009
Merged with Ebix Co., Ltd (formerly Meitetsu Systems Development Co., Ltd).