Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Through the use of our information technology, we will contribute to the creation of an affluent and fruitful society by growing, taking on challenges and always having high ambitions.

Rules of conduct

1. Ensure trust
We will observe relevant laws and regulations, ensure fair transactions, protect the confidentiality of information on clients, follow the basic rules for the proper management of personal information, etc., and execute fair corporate activities.
2. Coexist with clients
We will make continuous efforts to maintain and improve reliable relationships with clients, and aim to create the prosperity of clients and the growth of our company.
3. Continuation of self-reform
We will always be ambitious, and try to reform ourselves by taking on challenges to grow.

Why Minori?

The “Minori” in the corporate name represents an ear of grains, means “bearing fruit,” and was infused with the hope that all employees will join hands to improve its corporate value further and produce good results as the “Minori” for clients, stakeholders, and employees, under the new organization after the merger.